How do I request a new, custom learning track?

  • Simply click the link below
  • Attach a PDF of the arrangement to the email message.
  • Specify your desired tempo and/or any interpretation choices you'd like me to incorporate into your track.

  • Click here to request a new track

    How much does it cost?

  • If the arrangement is currently available on, the price is only $30/minute of music (rounding up) for a 4-part arrangement!
  • If the arrangement is NOT currently available on, the price is a flat $150.00 USD for any 4-part song less than 4 minutes in length.
  • If the arrangement has more than four parts, or is a non-BHS catalog arrangement that is longer than 4 minutes, please contact me for a quote!

  • What do I receive when commissioning a new learning track?

  • First, you will receive a full (balanced) mix of the track for you to listen to and approve. If there are any pitch or lyric errors, or any tempo or interpretation issues which were specified in the original request and not followed, I will correct those at no additional cost and send a new track to you.
  • Second, you officially approve the track with your payment made via PayPal to Invoices are provided upon request.
  • Once your payment is received, you will receive part-dominant (left channel) tracks for each voice part. "Part missing" or other varieties of mixes available upon request.
  • If any pitch or lyric errors are found after payment is made, I will gladly correct those at no additional cost.

  • Do you record tracks for female choruses/quartets, or SATB ensembles?

    Unfortunately (but fortunately for your ears!), I cannot record arrangements for female choruses/quartets, or SATB ensembles.

    How long does it take you to record a new track?

    Recording learning tracks is not my full-time job. On average, I record about one new track per week. If you need an order rushed however, I can usually accommodate for an additional charge.

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